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The 2021 season is fast approaching. Hopefully all will be back to normal football-wise this fall, including "Mike's Picks" (which I did not have this spring).

The Team schedules were released late June. You can find them on some local  medai websites. I likely will not have schedules here until early August.

The Roster of Twenty-one NYSPHSAA Champions From Section 4
1994 Walton Warriors 13-0
1997 Vestal Golden Bears 12-1
2001 Delhi Bulldogs 12-1
2003 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 13-0
2004 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 13-0
2004 Maine-Endwell Spartans 12-0
2005 Sidney Warriors 12-1
2006 Corning East Trojans 13-0
2007 Walton Warriors 13-0
2011 Maine-Endwell Spartans 12-0
2012 Maine-Endwell Spartans 13-0
2013 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2013 Maine-Endwell Spartans 13-0
2014 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2014 Maine-Endwell Spartans 13-0
2015 Tioga Tigers 12-1
2015 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2016 Newark Valley Cardinals 13-0
2018 Susquehanna Valley Sabers 13-0
2019 Susquehanna Valley Sabers 13-0
2019 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 13-0

The Roster of Nine NYSPHSAA Runners-up From Section 4

1998 Notre Dame Crusaders 12-1
2000 Walton Warriors 12-1
2001 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2002 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2003 Corning East Trojans 12-1
2005 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2007 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2016 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
2017 Chenango Forks Blue Devils 12-1
The Roster of Sixty-seven NYSPHSAA
Semi-Finalists From Section 4

1993 Lansing   2009 Chenango Forks
1993 Windsor   2009 Groton
1994 Deposit   2010 Chenango Valley
1994 Walton   2010 Walton
1995 Deposit   2011 Binghamton
1995 Union-Endicott   2011 Maine-Endwell
1996 Windsor   2011 Waverly
1997 Vestal   2011 Tioga
1998 Maine-Endwell   2012 Chenango Forks
1998 Notre Dame   2012 Maine-Endwell
1999 Delhi   2012 Tioga
2000 Walton   2012 Union-Endicott
2001 Chenango Forks   2013 Chenango Forks
2001 Delhi   2013 Elmira
2001 Vestal   2013 Maine-Endwell
2002 Chenango Forks   2013 Tioga
2002 Elmira Free Acad.   2013 Union-Endicott
2003 Chenango Forks   2014 Chenango Forks
2003 Corning East   2014 Maine-Endwell
2004 Chenango Forks   2014 Tioga
2004 Maine-Endwell   2015 Chenango Forks
2004 Walton   2015 Maine-Endwell
2005 Chenango Forks   2015 Tioga
2005 Corning East   2016 Chenango Forks
2005 Deposit   2016 Newark Valley
2005 Sidney   2016 Sidney
2006 Chenango Forks   2017 Tioga
2006 Corning East   2017 Chenango Forks
2007 Chenango Forks   2018 Tioga
2007 Walton   2018 Susquehanna Valley
2008 Binghamton   2019 Tioga
2008 Corning West   2019 Susquehanna Valley
2008 Notre Dame   2019 Chenango Forks
2008 Walton      

Text Message Contacting to Section4football.com

If you have an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch etc), you can send me a text iMessage to mike@section4football.com

While you CAN of course email me at that same address, this is a feature with Apple devices that you can send a TEXT message to an email address if the recipient has their iDevice set up for it. I do have mine set up.

This can come in handy to report scores quicker than ever.

In regards to that - reporting scores -
all I ask if for is 100% COMPLETE accuracy.

Please do not report unless you are 100% no-doubt-about-it certain.

Please, do not send "I left with 0:34 left and it was 27-0" or "My uncle said it was 24-17".

I prefer you saw it with your own eyes at the end of the game.

Of course you can iMessage me this way for other reasons related to Section 4 Football or the website.

However, unless you are sports news media, please do not text me looking for scores. I will be tweeting scores as they are finalized.
Check out the enhanced State Playoffs page that shows how each participant has doe through the years in the "state" playoffs. Enhancements include overall W/L record, how many times each school has been in each round, titles won and various team records. The page is here. There is also the page that shows the scored of each game every year since the inception in 1993. That page is here. State Rankings

Full rankings at roadtosyracuse.com, begin the Tuesday afternoon following the second week of the season and will be updated each Wednesday morning the rest of the season.

Number Of Football Teams In Each Section By Classification
(teams either in that class in size or are playing up or merged teams playing down in that class)




This site is not affiliated with Section 4 Football, the NYSPHSAA,nor any official entity that governs or covers any high school sports. It is simply just run by a longtime fan and former participant of high school football.

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